Monday, June 29, 2015

MCAT prep and the 2015 MCAT Prep Course - Are you Ready?

MCAT prep

To say the very least, the MCAT is a challenge.

*For those who are not into academics and higher education, you might be wondering if I am writing about a furry feline with an attitude problem - possibly a new breed of cat that refuses to use a litter box, which will not eat anything but fresh sushi, and which insists on being referred to M in honor of James Bond films. Sorry to disappoint you - Go see Grumpy cat for that stuff...We are talking about the standardized test used by medical schools to find out how qualified wannabe doctors are -

THE MCAT - worse than a hairball sandwich for sure -

You might be one of those diehard fans of Grey's Anatomy who thinks that the hardest part of being a doctor is finding an empty hospital room to have sex with McDreamy or McSteamy or McHeigl in -

I am sure that is a hard thing to do - But it is far from the hardest thing about being a doctor.

Being a doctor carries a million daily challenges for sure, but I have got to say that the hardest thing about being a doctor is actually becoming a doctor.  Forget all the insomnia years of required residency and the specific politics that go into landing a Cardiology fellowship - None of that is even possible unless you can pass the medical school boards.  And doing that is not even possible unless you perform well while in medical school.  And medical school is not going to happen at all for you unless you get admitted to a medical school.

And finally, working it back one more step, medical school is not even possible unless you excel on the MCAT, which brings me to the point of this entire blog.

For all of us out here in the world who are seeking to live out the lifelong dream of becoming a doctor, the issue of MCAT prep is a huge one.  Since our scores on this very difficult test are a huge part of medical school admissions, we all need to locate the best MCAT prep materials (Examples: MCAT books like MCAT Examkrackers 2015 and the strongest 2015 MCAT prep course).

I am willing to study my brains out for this test, so hard work is not the issue I face.  I just don't want to study my head off using the wrong materials and end up on the short end of admissions.

Anybody else out there feeling me on this one?

If so, make sure to subscribe to this blog because I am going to be testing out various MCAT prep materials, MCAT books, and 2015 MCAT prep courses to see which ones are the most updated and which ones actually have made positive differences in helping past students get into to the medical school of their dreams.  Then I will review them here for you and hopefully it will help you (and me) choose the best of the best so we don't waste our time studying junk that isn't going to get us closer to the painful pleasure of our next steps in this vocational journey.

My mantra:  Not all MCAT prep materials are created the same.

For now I will begin with a website called and see what they have - I've heard they have pretty much everything in one place.  I will let you know how that goes.

Okay - Welcome to the first step - Let's all have high hopes as we put our strong minds to work.

Be blessed and good luck - We will need both sides I think.

2015 MCAT Prep Course

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